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A group of late 20 something friends have this week found themselves enthusiastically discussing something they’ve agreed upon many, many times before, as they enjoyed a couple of pints at their local watering hole, The Dancing Dolphin Hotel.

Swiftly changing topics at an alarming speed, including a very animated argument about the aesthetics of Tommy Lee’s hog, the conversation soon segued into event planning mode for the next month.

“Let’s have a board game night!’ said Leah, pitching an idea she’s mentioned at least 37 times, “oooh, and Karaoke!”

“Yes absolutely!” 

“PAINTBALL!” pipes in Alex, which is met with a bunch of enthusiastic yeses from all the blokes at the table, and hesitant looks from all the women, who know they’d all bruise like a peach.

“Fiine…laser tag then.”

It’s alleged that no plans were formed since the discussion, but that at least one of the members did browse a few board games online before ultimately deciding they couldn’t be fucked buying any.

More to come.


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