Apartment dwellers in Betoota’s Flight Path District got more than they bargained for as they pressed their ears against their doors and tuned in to their new neighbours juicy sounding argument.

Residents of the red brick Burlap Gardens apartment block report hearing the sound of a man and a woman arguing at approximately 6:45pm, an ideal time for those returning home from work to treat themselves to some neighbourly goss.

“They just moved in and I think she busted him moving something in that he was meant to have left behind,” stated resident of apartment 15 and self-confessed stickybeak Sharon Yarns. 

“I think it might be a picture of him with an old flame but the exotic couple upstairs reckon it’s a box of porn.”

Unfortunately for Yarns and the residents of Burlap Gardens listening in to their neighbours argument, the juicy spat was cut short by the sound of a child crying at the sight of their parents arguing. 

“Give me two youngins whinging about how they have ruined each other’s life but don’t add a crying kid to the mix. Spoils the mood. Now I feel like a real sicko for listening in.”

As our reporters interviewed Yarns about the hot goss on the block, we were interrupted by the sounds of the couple having an argument. 

Our reporters quickly tried to record the man and woman arguing but stopped as the unknown child pipped up and begged mummy and daddy to stop fighting through choked sobs.

“This! This is what I’m talking about!” stated Yarns as she pressed a glass rimside to her wall as to better amplify the sound of the bickering couple.

“That poor kid has front row tickets to this goss and he’s probably the one who enjoys it the least.”


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