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As Melissa Viklund navigates her way through the Gardens Point campus one late afternoon, she finds herself startled by the most spine chilling sound she’s ever heard.

What the FUCK was that?

Admittedly, It certainly doesn’t help that she was walking through parkland at dusk and the fact she’d just finished watching season four of Stranger Things, which was several hours straight of pure nightmare fuel.

But still, there was something undeniably terrifying and…alien like..about that..shriek?



Clutching her backpack close to her body like a makeshift shield as she rummages around the front pocket for her phone, Melissa is positive that’s the sound of someone being murdered…or some strange, demonic creature from the underworld.

Neither of which she could stand much of a chance against, but she’s betting a demogorgon would be harder to outrun.

Pressing a couple of zero’s into her phone, Melissa is two seconds away from calling the police when she spots a weird bird-like creature extending its neck like a giraffe and letting out an ear piercing scream.


Rolling her eyes as pockets her phone, Melissa chastises herself for forgetting what country she’s in.

More to come.


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