A rapidly-aging local man from Betoota Heights has received a mild shock this week. 

Not the type of shock that a man like himself would get from weeing on an electric fence on a cold winter’s night, but more of a mild murmur of surprise kind of shock. 

The shock for the man named Preston Munster came after deciding to treat himself to a little bit of a mid-week TV binge. 

Flicking through his freshly-minted Prime subscription, the young finance guy stumbled across a show that piqued his interest like a dog hearing a possum scurry across the roof. 

Spotting a show titled ‘The Boys,’ young Preston decided to give the title a whirl, under the impression he would be watching an action series about some high energy Friday night after-work drinks, or a Saturday session for a mate’s birthday in the city.  

In celebration of beginning to feel human again, Presto decided to jump two feet in and join the boys on this cold weeknight night. 

However, after a few minutes of viewing, the young man realised he may have had his wires crossed. 

“Yeah, turns out it was an action series about superheroes,” he laughed. 

“Very few schooners consumed, but some rare plotlines, so I plowed through a few eps before dozing off on the couch,” he laughed. 

“Don’t wanna go too hard on the spoilers, but it’s about a team of vigilantes who combat superpowered individuals who abuse their abilities.”

“Anyway, come for the beers, stay for some left field content,” he laughed. 

“That’s how most of the drinking sessions I attend end up anyway.” 

More to come. 


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