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The unsinkable Barnaby Joyce has shared a few candid images of his lunch today as the Deputy Prime Minister tours his New England electorate in the lead up to this month’s Federal Election.

Under a box gum near Ebor, Barnaby pulled over and took a minute to prepare his midday snack which he says he often gets when he’s on the road.

“Today’s spread,” wrote Joyce.

“A can of energy drink and a whole side of smoked salmon. All from my local Aldi. Unbeatable.”

The election battle in the New England electorate is said to be an easy one for Mr Joyce, who is up against “a few propeller heads” and “disgruntled former councillors”, so he’s able to take his time and really get to take stock of what’s happening in his part of the world.

“When I’m on the road, I like to prepare my own lunch,” he said.

“While I do like to pop into a local business here and there, mostly for dinner, lunch for me is a bit of a cosmic anchor, so to speak. I like to find a nice tree, sit in some shade in a cool breeze and slowly pick away at the smoked salmon while I wonder how I got so lucky in this world,”

“There’s no greater place in the country than the New England. I love it up here and I know I enjoy strong support here. So going into this election, I’m just showing my gratitude to the local people.”

More to come.


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