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In news coming out of the home of the brave and the land of the free, President Donald Trump has announced that he’s set to declare a National Emergency.

The White House has confirmed that Trump will sign a border security bill declaring a national emergency to try and obtain funds to construct a giant Rahul Dravid along the US-Mexico border.

The surprising news confirms that Trump will be building his long touted US-Mexico border wall, but not in the form it was previously promised.

While Trump had opened up to the option of using steel rather than concrete to construct the wall, the over 3000-kilometer-long Rahul Dravid structure comes as one of the biggest surprises yet in his Presidency.

It’s believed the President stumbled across Rahul Dravid (the man known as ‘The Wall’ by cricket fans across the world), during one of his daily YouTube bender and said creating a larger than life replica of the man made perfect sense.

“Wow,” said the President to our Washington correspondent.

“Dravid. Incredible. Nothing get’s through. I’ll get him to use that bat of his to smack those illegals all the back to Belize!”

“If a giant Dravid can protect our borders like the real life Dravid protected his wicket then I’ll be doing a second stint in the White House without doubt.”

“No doubt.”

It isn’t yet known how the people of the United States will react to a giant replica of a Test great they don’t know being constructed along the border.

More to come.


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