Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has an extra spring in his step this week, claiming his job just got a whole lot easier.

The Member for Dickson is reportedly ecstatic to hear the news of Robert Mugabe’s passing late last week, and looks forward to being able to use the word ‘Rhodesia’ freely going forward – without being pulled aside by any of those PC-warrior lefties in Marise Payne’s Foreign Affairs office.

A divisive figure in African anti-colonialism, Mugabe is remembered for overthrowing of the settler classes and leading his comrades through an armed struggle for the liberation of Zimbabwe’s black majority from Rhodesian white-minority rule.

His his 37-year rule of the Southern African nation and the greater movement of black empowerment that he bodied is believed to have been a sore spot for Minister of Home Affairs, as he believes it is intrinsically linked to the Australian government having to apologise to the Stolen Generation in 2007.

The Apology is remembered as an iconic moment in our nation’s civil rights history, but one that Dutton chose to boycott as a junior minister because he does not believe that there was anything unbecoming about kidnapping black children and raising them in white churches.

Mugabe was also widely corrupt and horrible at managing the economy, as well as a prolific perpetrator of humans rights abuses, but it seems Peter Dutton is not interested in focusing on what they have in common.

The Member For Dickson says he’s just happy he can say Rhodesia as much as he likes now.

“Finally” said Dutton, this morning.

“It’s so annoying when they make you use their own languages” he says.

“Like Ayres Rock”


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