As conservative Murdoch shills across are spun into an existential crisis triggered by their bosses telling them that Trump is no longer a good guy, News Corp columnist Miranda Devine has this week announced that she will be taking a break from Twitter.

“I won’t be tweeting for a while. I feel twitter is so despicable that I need to step back and rethink my involvement. Maybe I will decide the benefits outweigh the negatives. Maybe not.” tweeted the Mosman-based shiraz conservative.

Devine’s decision to spare the world from her populist ramblings has been perceived as a response to Twitter banning Donald Trump from their platform for inciting violence.

This would make sense, if Fox News and the New York Post had not made it clear that their boss Rupert Murdoch no longer supports Donald Trump, and have flicked him like a three-episode Sex and the City love interest, after he hinted to starting a conservative cable TV network of his own.

However, sources close to Devine say that she is merely taking a break from Twitter until she stumbled across some more disabled children to vilify publicly.

In September last year, Miranda Devine was forced to apologise to Quaden Bayles, a nine-year-old Indigenous boy with dwarfism, for tweets which suggested his claims of bullying could be a “scam” and that he was an adult actor.

Quaden had gone viral earlier that year in a video filmed by his mother that showed him in tears, after being subjected to bullying in the schoolyard, and was met with loving messages of support from both celebrities and the greater Australian public.

Everyone except Miranda Devine, who didn’t appreciate witnessing a feel good viral moment aimed at cheering up a young disabled boy.

Her traumatising public vilification of the young Brisbane boy, which might have had a fair bit to do with the colour of his skin more than his disability, led to a defamation case against both Devine and News Corp subsidiary, Nationwide News.

Devine’s tweets caused a wave of online trolls who spread conspiracies claiming the boy was faking the story and lying about his age. Devine, who is currently on secondment in the US, writing for News Corp’s New York Post, retweeted a tweet which called the Bayles clip a “fake sobbing video”.

She also added: “That’s really rotten if this was a scam. Hurts genuine bullying victims” – before she was forced to apologise by the courts.

It now appears that the millionaire media elitist is once again craving the tears of vulnerable young children, and has taken time from social media to identify a new prey.

The Australian disability community have been put on notice to hide their children from any predatory 59-year-old women who might be stalking their social media accounts.



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