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Elon Musk has weighed into another South-East Asian drama, this time trying to intervene in the case of soccer player Hakeem al-Araibi.

After being snubbed by al-Araibi’s legal team, tech entrepreneur Musk took to social media today to call the lawyers a bunch of ‘pedos.’

Hakeem al-Araibi had been detained in Thailand since November after Thai authorities arrested him in relation to offences allegedly committed in his home country of Bahrain.

The semi-professional footballer with refugee status who lives in Melbourne denies the charges, claiming they were fabricated and politically motivated.

After a national and international campaign, al-Araibi was finally released yesterday and is due to land in Melbourne around 1pm today.

While many in the humanitarian and footballing worlds celebrate the release, billionaire Musk is fuming.

Lashing out at al-Araibi’s lawyers, in similar fashion to his tirade against the British rescuer involved in the Thai cave saga last year, Musk made furious and wildly unfounded allegations about the legal team committing crimes against children.

“I’m just about don with anything that happens in Thailand to be honest,” Musk said to our reporters moments ago.

“Those lawyers are a bunch of pedo’s, chasing glory at the expense of an innocent man.”

“I had developed a tunnelling capsule that would have burst up into the Thai prison, rescued Mr al-Araibi and tunnelled him all the way back to the faux cow’s milk capital of Australia.”

“Instead they wanted to follow due process, which is why they are a bunch of human rights lawyers, and I’m a billionaire.”

“Anyway, I’m about to get on my plane, I’m going off to try DMT with [Joe] Rogan this afternoon. Whatever.”


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