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Local media is reporting that Defence Minister Christopher Pyne was allegedly turned away from a Canberra hotel overnight after trying to enter wearing open-toe shoes.

Witness have told reporters that Mr Pyne arrived at a popular hotel in Canberra’s cosmopolitan inner-north with a number of his staff after their usual Monday night squash game when he was confronted by the hotel’s management about his footwear.

After the manager explained to the pensive Adelaidanese gentleman that jelly sandals weren’t allowed in the restaurant, Pyne was said to have left out a guttural moan then instructed his media advisor to take off his classic Reeboks.

As he was swapping shoes with his staffer, Pyne allegedly told the manager that he was lucky – lucky because Mr Pyne has just started capoeira and if this whole exchange was happening a year from now, the manager would’ve likely had a jelly sandal wrapped around his head quick smart.

Defusing the situation, the manager allowed Pyne to dine in the bistro while his media advisor sat in the pokie room eating the complimentary lamingtons and weak lemon cordial.

Mr Christopher is yet to release an official statement on the matter and it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that he ever will.

More to come.


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