Initially thought to be choosing a conservative judge, willing to shape the court for years to come on issues like abortion and gun and religious rights, President Donald Trump has today shocked congress by unveiling his pick for a lifetime job on the U.S. Supreme Court. His 11-year-old son, Barron Trump.

The powerless Democrats, who have endured eight years of a Republican-led Senate’s refusal to act on former President Barack Obama’s court nominee last year, are appalled.

Speaking to the media today, Trump says it would be a refreshing to have a supreme court judge that doesn’t shun common sense, stating that he believes his 11-year-old home-schooled son is just the man for the job.

“He’s up for it”

“What we don’t need is some sort of rocket surgeon. We need a hardworking American, who understands what real Americans are going through”

“The workers, the soldiers, the veterans. Barron has lived it, I believe he would be the perfect Supreme Court Judge”

This news comes after President Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, concluding she has “betrayed the Department of Justice” by refusing to defend his executive order that imposes a temporary ban on refugees and visa holders from seven majority-Muslim countries.

“That’s a good lesson to you all. My way or the highway”


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