The climate change-aided disasters that have plagued Australia for the last decade appear to be now unfolding in the Northern Hemisphere, causing chaos in countries not prepared for extreme weather events.

For the first time this week, the United Kingdom has issued the first-ever red warning for extreme heat in the heart of England. Temperatures of up to about 41 degrees are predicted to scorch the island from London all the way north to Manchester and York.

This comes as bushfires tear through continental Europe, from the coast of Portugal – right through to Croatia.

After two seperate La Niña events back-to-back in Australia, with the potential for a third, causing flooding disaster right across the country – it has become clear to even the most optimistic climate skeptics that perhaps burning fossil fuels at an accelerating rate for over 200 years hasn’t been as good for the humankind as the billionaires will tell you.

With a vast majority of Northern NSW and South-East QLD battling never-ended storms and floods, the Great Barrier Reef in the midst of yet another potentially irreversible bleaching event, and half the nation still reeling from being burnt to the ground by record-breaking bushfires 18 months ago – Australians are starting to question everything our government and the Murdoch newspapers have told us about climate change.

However, this shift in public sentiment has not stopped sensationalist Australian politicians and media from sneering at England’s hysteria surrounding record-breaking heatwaves.

Right across the newspapers and conservative TV news networks, media elites are sneering at Europe for worrying about a ’41 degree day’ – because ‘we have them all the time in Australia’.

This is strikingly similar to the time the record-breaking Black Summer Bushfires were dismissed as ‘normal’ because bushfires had happened before.

Although, while a small segment of Australia’s most brainwashed NewsCorp readers are taking great pleasure in ridiculing the poms on social media, the vast majority of the country kind of agrees that 41 degrees is fucking hot if you don’t have a veranda to sit on somewhere, underneath the ceiling fans with repurposed laundry spray bottles full of water, and air con blaring in the TV room.

Like, you could probably die.


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