A young Australian woman named Bianca Sams has today told DFAT that she’s all good, thanks.

The rejection came after someone from the department offered her a one-way ticket from the Hubei province in China to the quaint little Island of Christmas off the coast of Indonesia.

The Political Science student from Betoota University who was doing an exchange in Shanghai when she got caught down the road in the Coronavirus lockdown, said she is very thankful for the generous offer, but will take her chances on the mainland.

“Hmmm, a one way ticket with a heap of other people from Wuhan to a remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean in the middle of summer sounds like a great option but I think I’m just going to ride it out here,” Sams said.

This comes as the government faces criticism for its plan to evacuate Australians from Wuhan and dump them on Christmas Island.

“Obviously the island has a great history of medical excellence from its days of housing people trying to seek asylum so it’s not that I’m concerned about, it’s more the fact they’ll drop me off in Perth after 14 days of being out there and leave me on my own.”

“I’ve blown my meagre uni budget because I come from a family without trust funds and I’m not really that keen to head back to Betoota from Perth.”

Sams then explained that she understands the Government has to justify the $185 million recently spent on the facility that hasn’t processed asylum seekers since 2018, but reckons she’s just not up to it.

“14 days off the grid would be fucked, I know everything’s censored here, but geez at least the internet actually works.”

“Anyway, I’m staying here for now so we’ll see how we go.”


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