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A ‘homesick’ local woman living on the other side of the world received a care package from her parents earlier this week that contained a collection of Australian foods she never really ate when she lived here.

Originally of Frogstomp Circuit in South Betoota, Angie Walnut made the move over to London in February after deciding her life lacked direction and purpose.

However, after enjoying the short British summer hosting friends from Down Under and lesser places, the reality has dawned on the 27-year-old that she actually lives there now.

Ms Walnut spoke to our reporters a short time ago via Skype.

“The food here is OK, no complaints yet,” she said.

“But I was on the phone the other day with Mum and she said I sounded homesick. I was fine, I just felt a bit down after living off German pingas and hotdogs at a Swedish music festival that weekend,”

“But yeah, got the package on Tuesday. I smashed the Shapes with a tin of smoked oysters and a glass of white that night. Haven’t really touched anything else, to be honest.”

But Angie did concede that the Cheezels are in grave danger of being inhaled after work today but as for the rest of it, she’s not sure.

On Wednesday night, she introduced her English roommates to TimTams and Freddo Frogs to mild fanfare.

“They said the Tim Tams tasted like chocolate biscuits and the Freddos just tasted like chocolate and caramel, which I guess is a far assessment. I hadn’t had one since I was like six or seven,” she said.

“Didn’t really blow anyone’s socks off.”

More to come.



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