Despite the fact that they aren’t going to be walking off the plane for at least ten minutes, every single passenger on the most recent Q683 flight into Betoota this afternoon are standing as if it is go time.

With the taller passengers now cramping their necks as they remain jammed underneath the baggage compartments, just about every soul aboard the plane is having their personal space violated in one way or another.

While inhaling a complete stranger’s warm breath, Betoota local Shona Guerra (57) says she just can’t wait to get off this plane.

“Would they hurry up?” she hisses.

“What is taking so long? I can never understand it”

The tense atmosphere is also not being complimented by the fact that no one wants to look at each other in the face.

With desperate passengers now attempting to unload their bags from underneath the compartment without nearly enough space to safely bring them to the aisle floor, it seems only about three or four people on this entire plane are sitting down.

“It’s not going to get us off any faster” says veteran travelling businessman, Angus.

“[laughter] these people mus’n’t fly that much”

“It’s never like this in business”


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