US President Donald Trump says his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for coronavirus.

The president confirmed in a tweet today the former New York mayor had tested positive.

He is now reportedly isolating, but a top US Doctor has now claimed that the gaffe-prone lawyer for the outgoing President may have infected hundreds of other people with the deadly virus.

And one of those people is young Tutar Sagdiyev, the daughter of famous Kazak journalist Borat Sagdiyev.

The 15-year-old came into contact with the famous lawyer during an interview, which later went viral around the world and caused a bit of a stir.

In the interview, Gulliani and his freshly whitened teeth spoke to the young girl about a few issues before somehow making his way into the bedroom with her, and ‘tucking his shirt in’ while lying on the bed and reaching into his pants.

That close contact between the 15-year-old and Gulliani has now lead to Tutar, and her father Borat who had to burst into the room to ensure the ‘tucking in of the shirt’ didn’t go any further, isolating for 14 days.

Both are yet to receive their test results and are reportedly isolating outside of Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan.

More to come.


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