Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has today gleefully climbed on top of the roof of his Point Piper harbourside mansion, after finally getting the sign-off to take part in renewable energy conspiracies.

This comes after the expiry of his non-compete contract with the Liberal Party.

It is believed Turnbull spent the afternoon annoyingly quizzing the contractors he had employed to install solar panels on his roof.

“So, they, like, they just absorb the heat, don’t they?”

“Haha. I was really pushing for these things to become a bit more mainstream when I was at my old job.. But my colleagues were a bit suspicious of the intentions behind people that invent renewable forms of energy”

This news follows Malcolm Turnbull recent return to the headlines, after calling on his successor, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, to call the election as soon as possible in 2019.

“My view is that it would be manifestly and in the best prospects of the Morrison Government to go to the polls as soon as it can after the summer break,” he argued this morning.

Turnbull’s visible turnaround since officially resigning as the Member For Wentworth has become a subject of media interest of late, with some even thinking that he might now be opposed to the torture of children on Nauru, and thinks that gay high school students are human.

“Haha. Fuck the lock out laws, man” said Turnbull, while talking to a younger tradesmen on his roof.

“Such a nanny state aye”



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