Darius Boyd has caused even more confusion at the South Sydney Rabbitohs organisation today.

After the resolution of an extremely poorly managed and confusing coaching situation (which saw Wayne Bennett and Anthony Siebold finally do the coach swap), the Brisbane contracted Darius Boyd has further muddied the waters.

The Broncos fullback and apple of Wayne Bennett’s eye caused the furrowed brows down at the Rabbitohs training ground this morning by turning up to train in full Bunnies kit.

“What the fuck’s going on?” asked Rabbitohs and NSW hooker Damien Cook.

“I know Wayne’s coming down here to coach, but Darius is contracted to the Broncos still, how come he is just hear training with us?”

“And how the fuck did he get a full set of kit?”

We were unable to answer Cook’s questions when he asked them but have since learnt that Boyd has walked out on Brisbane a year early, after hearing that the immediate coach swap would go ahead.

Boyd famously left Brisbane with Wayne Bennett, to follow him to the Dragons and then onto Newcastle in previous years, and it seems apparent that he has walked out on the Thursday and Friday Night Football Only club to head down to Redfern now too.

We approached both Wayne Bennett and Darius Boyd for questioning on the issue, but both dealt us in the same way they usually deal with the media and refused to really answer any of our questions.

Other members of staff at the Bunnies told us they weren’t really sure what was going on, but explained that Boyd just turned up at training this morning, demanded a training kit and refused to leave.



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