A series of controversial videos leaked to social media have rocked the sporting world this week, as Australian football fans learn that their favourite players would also be good company on a big night.

The videos, which range from half dressed idiots tackling each other and talking shit, to shadowboxing and drunken dancing, have all but confirmed that some of Australia’s best sportsmen are actually what the kids would call ‘legends’.

However, the videos have left high-horse sports journalists salivating at the mouth, as they try to condemn the exact same shit that would have been happening at their own coked up Christmas Parties less than a month ago.

In the latest video, reportedly recorded after the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Wallaby Kurtley Beale was seen playing with a vacuum cleaner in the manner of a didgeridoo, before complete strangers who aren’t footballers – and therefore don’t matter – pass around a piece of crockery most commonly associated with sandwiches.

Clubs and management have since been forced to admit that the 20-something Australian men that they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to risk severe injury every weekend don’t mind a drink when the opportunity arises.

It is not known how many more videos will be leaked, and if any careers will be jeopardised but one thing that is clear, the people leaking them are fucking wankers.


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