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The nations greatest natural wonder has taken to it’s social media channels this morning to post an incredible transformation picture.

Following the lead of celebrities across the globe and people you aren’t really friends with on your social media feed, the Great Barrier Reef posted a #TenYearChallenge photo on Facebook and Instagram today.

The natural organism posted a photo of itself from 10 years ago, looking incredibly vibrant and colourful, alongside a photo of itself from this year looking incredibly bleached thanks to years of incessant coal mining and blatant inaction towards climate change by a string of both state and federal Governments.

Demonstrating it’s cheeky and humorous side, the reef posted a caption on the photo saying; “Doing one of these #TenYearChallenges, haha OMG I used to be so tanned back then!”

Speaking to The Advocate moments ago, the Reef said it thought it would be a great opportunity to get active again on it’s socials.

“I haven’t posted anything since JT retired last year, so I thought I whack up the photo and have a little bit of fun,” the natural wonder said.

The photo has received plenty of attention on social media, garnering nearly 2,000 sad reacts on the Facebook post.

However, the post hasn’t been taken in good spirit by everyone, with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson hitting out at the reef.

Accusing the reef of doctoring the picture using photoshop, Hanson slammed the tourist attraction for trying to promote unrealistic reef images.

“The reef has clearly photoshopped that, or added a white filter over the top of the second image in some attempt to please the PC Brigade,” said Hanson.

“It’s disgraceful if I’m honest.”


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