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Senator Derryn Hinch has used parliamentary privilege this afternoon to read out a list of Game of Thrones spoilers to the protest of his colleagues in the Upper House.

Although today is not a sitting day in the red room, some senators are still in Canberra to enjoy the perks of their job before most of them return to real life after the election.

To an almost empty Senate, with only a few Coalition and Labor members present, Hinch stood up at around 3pm local time and began reading a list of spoilers he’d obtained through a ‘secret source’.

“I find Game Of Thrones sophomoric, unfunny rubbish,” he started.

The senator then broke wind for his own amusement and satisfaction.

“So, in response to it hitting the small screens here in Australia this evening, I’m going to read out a list of spoilers so you don’t have to watch it.”

“CENSORED ends up with CENSORED and CENSORED kills CENSORED and CENSORED. That CENSORED from the second book, they end up doing CENSORED with CENSORED and team up with CENSORED to kill CENSORED.”

A cleaner in the public gallery let out a long moan and Derryn smiled to himself.

Hinch then resumed his seat and chuckled to himself.

He turned to Brian Burston, who’d ducked into the chamber to see if he’d left a half-empty box of Jatz under his desk there last week, and smiled.

“I was popularly elected by over 20 000 Australians.”

Brian smiled back at his colleague and left with the 6-day old crackers under his arm.

More to come.


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