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The Prime Minister’s Office has announced a press conference this morning for two minutes after the time when Victorian Premier Dan Andrews begins his one.

When Premier Andrews is finished telling everybody about the numbers and such, Scott Morrison will come in and start talking about something vaguely related to the coronavirus response on a federal level while being relatable and affable.

When asked by our reporters this morning in the Parliament House courtyard why he always feels the need to interrupt the Victorian Premier when he speaks, Scott Morrison said he doesn’t do it on purpose.

“I just enjoy speaking at 11am,” said Scott Morrison.

“And by the sound of things, so does Daniel Andrews. I like Dan, we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things but you need to back your leaders in this horrible time,”

“Nothing more, nothing less,”

“Which goes for me, also. OK, thanks. Next question.”

More to come.


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