Local tupperware sales gun Karen Costello says up until 6 months ago the biggest issue she had with her name was the alliteration.

That was before minorities started filming the elitist and racist public meltdowns of middle aged white women in America, an archetype that quickly became known as ‘The Karen’.

Mrs Costello (45) says she can’t argue with the stigmatisation of her name, as she knows she also carries a few of those anti-social white girl traits when she’s under pressure.

“I’ve had my moments” she says.

“I’ve berated plenty of low paid teenagers and immigrants working in hospitality”

“But I’m lucky because I have the luxury of choosing to go by my initials KC. There’s a lot of people out there who think my name is Kasey”

In fact, this Karen would agree that her given name actually does increase the likelihood of a public dummy spit, but that’s the cross she has to bear as a woman born into the comfortable Australian middle class between 1960 and 1980.

The trend of filming these moments eventually found its way from the US to Australia late last year – reaching climax with that woman named Karen who was filmed trying to tear down an Aboriginal flag from her neighbour’s garage in Mildura.

In the most ‘Karen’ response to this social trend possible, there are now hundreds of thousands of Karens around the world arguing that the misappropriation of their name is akin to white people using the ‘N-Word’.

However, KC hasn’t had to worry about the ongoing prejudice faced by her people, because as of 72 hours ago she officially became a Jodi.

With the purchase of a pair of spunky low-rise muffin top jeans, KC now has a much different truth to live.

“To the Karen’s out there complaining about the discrimination, all I have to say is lift yourselves up by your bootstraps and do something about it” she says.

“That’s what I did”

With these jeans, the mother of two teenage boys just went from ‘Live Laugh Love’ to ‘Wine, Dine, 69’

Her iconic asymmetrical haircut now has a Bubblegum rinse through the fringe, and her husband knows that she’s now the type of woman who makes Lorena Bobbit jokes, so beware haha.

At time of press, this new Jodi was googling when P!NK’s next album is set for release, and whether or not she’s planning on a COVIDsafe tour of Australian any time soon.


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