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Prime Minister Scott Morrison asked his Energy Minister this afternoon if he was planning on ‘pulling a Skase’ while he was due to be in Spain for a climate-energy summit in Spain next week.

Angus Taylor is currently under investigation by authorities over an alleged forgery of an official City of Sydney document aimed at discrediting his political opponents.

He was due to fly out to Spain early next week to represent Australia at various climate and energy events.

Coincidentally, one of the events is said to be on the island of Majorca, where famous Australian fugitive Christopher Skase hid from prosecution over the collapse of various companies he was involved with.

As next week is the last sitting week of parliament this year, Taylor and ScoMo asked Labor for a pair, meaning a member of the opposition would sit out should the need to vote on something arise.

Labor has not granted Mr Taylor a pair, meaning he’s not going anywhere.

Mr Taylor still wants to go, which has led ScoMo to wonder if Angus was booking a one-way ticket.

“Angus, were you intending to pull a Skase on me next week?” he asked, allegedly.

Angus said he wasn’t but you could see by the look on his face that he was now actively considering it.

“Because if you do, you’re getting your face fucking soaked in Novichok over dinner one night. Half the restaurant will be flip-flopping on the floor by the time our boys are done with you! Do you understand me?”

“And no, you can’t go anymore. Albo is being a dog.”

Both Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor’s offices have been approached for comment and both have yet to reply.

More to come.


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