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A group of local rugby league referees have come together to collectively laugh at Carlton Football Club and the AFL after they banned a fan for calling an ‘umpire’ a ‘bald-headed flog’.

Tyson Chutney, who’s refereed six Channel Country Rugby League grand finals, got in contact with The Advocate earlier this week to express his amusement at the AFL’s decision to ban a Carlton fan over the ‘bald-headed flog-gate’ controversy, saying he’s been called far worse – and given worse back to punters.

“I’ve been called every name under the sun,” he laughed.

“F-words, C-words, S-words, K-words,”

“It’s never ending. That AFL umpire, whatever the fuck an umpire is during winter, needs to have a look in the mirror, if you ask this broken-down pious old Channel Country cowboy-cum-rugby-league referee,”

“Being called a bald-headed flog is something I dream of. Fuck me roan, I got called worse by the missus this morning!”

The Advocate reached out to the Channel Country Australian Rules Competition for comment but they only booed at us in response.

More to come.


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