An ageing Betoota Heights man has decided to get on the front foot and get back on top of things today.

Secretly envying his 19-year-old son’s free-spirited dress sense, Dave Billson (55) has decided to try and emulate it a little.

The accountant whose wife decided to move on as soon as their youngest kid finished high school, said he thought he would seize the day and spruce up his wardrobe.

“Going to freshen up the look a bit,” explained the man who will likely spend either next Friday or Saturday night lurking around the edge of the Betoota Heights Tavern’s dance floor during the live band as he darts in for a bit of a boogie sporadically.

“There’s some good stuff down there so I’m just going to refresh the look after nearly a couple of decades of wearing sandals in public.”

Billson then explained that age is just a number and he’s trying to get out of the box he’s been in for a few years.

“I might go out for a few with the young fella and show him to give it a proper nudge,” he laughed.

“Anyway, what do you reckon about this Diamantina Drought Breaker Tee?”

We told him we thought it looked nice and left him to it.

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