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Where is Scott Morrison?

If you want to know, just call his private office number.

The Advocate made a short call to the Prime Minister’s Chief-of-Staff this morning to ask where Scott Morrison was and why he wasn’t planning on doing any media today despite his government falling down around him.

“Mate, to his defence, the Prime Minister has had ‘cowering under his bed to hide from the media’ in his diary for months,” said the staffer.

“The media will try and spin this to look like Scott Morrison is hiding from the media because he’s a to-the-letter pussy that even conservatives are walking away from now. That a grown man can be that pathetic and incompetent to lead that they literally hide under a bed like a child when the going gets tough and the people ask for some accountability,”

“But I can assure you that that’s not the case. Scott is simply taking some time out to cry under his bed. Something he does often.”

The Prime Minister is expected to return to the media circuit next week when there’s a better chance they’ll be nice to him.

More to come.


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