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The Prime Minister has leapt to the defence of his embattled backbencher Gladys Liu this morning, telling reporters that the Victorian MP ‘isn’t half as crook’ as former Labor senator Sam Dastyari.

In a faux-broad twang, Scott Morrison lashed out at those people in Parliament and the media who are putting pressure on him to sack the spy.

“Oi, nah,” he said.

“Trust us, cobber. Old Gladwrap Liu’s not half as crook as Double Agent Dasher!”

And with that, the two Sky News reporters at the press conference packed up their cameras and rolled their eyes at the ABC ones still trying to ask questions as the Dinky-Di Dorky Dad changed the subject to Paul Gallen.

“How good’s Paul Gallen?” he said.

“How good was Stephen Dank? This good!”

The Prime Minister held his hands as far apart as he could.

Peter Dutton then interrupted proceedings to say there’s another boat on the way, in an effort to get this whole thing out of the news cycle.

More to come.


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