Local Aussie cricket fan Warren King (44) thinks he has it hard sharing a workplace with British cricket supporter Hamilton Butterscone (33).

That was until King was forced to hear the opinions of cricket casual Jim Shrug (29) who insists he didn’t even know there was cricket on.

“Oh is that the Ashes?” asked Shrug.

“Who are we playing this year?”

As infuriating as Shrug’s indifference to the national sport is, according to King it is also completely at odds with his opinions on ball-tampering he held just 17 months ago.

“He was calling for our Steve to be put in the stocks and now he’s asking if there’s ten balls to an over.”

Shrug claims that his growing apathy towards cricket actually stems from the ball-tampering incident, something he has not yet been punched for bringing up constantly in conversation.

“Yeah it was a real betrayal to me and the kids wasn’t it?”


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