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The Australian Federation of Pilots has told their members to respect cyclists and leave at least one meter when passing them.

It comes after a fourth incident between a Diamantina Air Freight (DAF) aircraft and a peloton of local cyclists almost came to blows after the pilot was forced to go round because his glide path into Remienko International Aerodrome was full of cyclists.

Had it not been a clear day with visibility topping 50km, the pilots say it all could’ve ended in tragedy.

Last month, an exchange between pilots and cyclists was posted to a popular internet pop-culture website which that showed a group of cyclists riding slowly down the centre of Flight Track Kilo between Betoota and Adelaide.

The pilots blew their horn and yelled from the aircraft, the cyclists responded by slowing down even more and laughing among themselves.

It boiled Dexter Romweber’s blood.

Mr Romweber is the CEO of Diamantina Air Freight and his team of aviation professionals have been routinely abused by cyclists for years.

Diamantina Air Freight’s Dexter Romweber has had enough and wants change. PHOTO: AAP

“Someone is going to die and the pilots are going to be blamed for it,” he said.

“A lot of these cyclists haven’t even got a licence. They don’t have to pay rego or carry ID. While we pilots pay CASA through the teeth to be licenced and registered. We have to have insurance. Cyclists have none of that yet we’re being told we have to share the space we pay for exclusively?”

“The world’s gone mad.”

The Advocate attempted to reach out to a number of local cycling clubs and bike riders for comment.

None of them were willing to go on the record.

More to come.


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