In some sensational news out of the capital of the country, it’s believed that the Australian Labor Party are considering doing their job.

This news breaks as the nation battles through its second straight month of devastating bushfires, which the current government is determined to ignore until there’s nothing left to burn.

That lack of action on the natural disaster that’s already cost the country billions in terms of damages, emergency services expenditure, lost productivity and the litany of other flow-on effects has lead the federal opposition to reportedly consider doing something.

“Now it’s not the time to play politics,” explained the leader of one of Australia’s two major parties that make their living playing politics on any issue they can.

“But, yes, to answer your question, we are going to spend the morning brainstorming some ways to offer up some opposition to the inept handling of the current bushfire crisis,” said Anthony Albanese, the leader of the Opposition.

His comments follow accusations he and ScoMo levelled at the Greens for playing politics on the issue of bushfires and climate change exaggerating the effect on the devastating natural events, while the devastating natural events are happening.

“Apparently there are hundreds of thousands of people’s lives who have been affected, so we’ll see if there’s anything we can push the government on and try and help the voters out, who we still begrudge for not voting for us,” explained the man who could make noise on any raft of issues from making sure dodgy insurance companies don’t rip people off, to financial assistance for the volunteer firefighters and the rural communities struggling, to bringing the high paid army and army reserve in to help out to simply just pushing for a conference with all of the heads of the emergency services to work out a short and long term plan as best as possible.

“I’m not sure the voters deserve it after what they did to us, but I guess we should do our job.”

More to come.


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