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Former TV chef turned internet talking head Pete Evans has shared one of his favourite family recipes that’s seen him draw the attention of many state and government agencies.

Evans shared the perfect midweek recipe for a crude fertiliser bomb, which he says is perfect for taking down governments and fighting against the spread of 5G.

“You can find all the ingredients at your local hardware store and petrol station,” giggled the bearded Evans.

“If they won’t sell you the fertiliser, you can probably steal some from a grain grower. You don’t need much, depending on the size of the government office you want to destroy,”

“Either way, this recipe is fun for the whole family. Choosing which part of the government has wronged you the most is a great midweek activity for the family. I’m just so full of hate. If you are, keep watching!”

The video recipe has since been removed from social media and Evans was forced to take the recipe down from his personal website by the AFP.

It’s not understood if Evans would face charges over the matter but state and federal authorities have refused to rule it out.

More to come.


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