The hysteria down in Melbourne has come to an abrupt end this afternoon, after the city’s inner city constituents were made aware of a new true crime podcast.

Following a big day of blocking thousands of people who actually have to go to places of employment on a working day, the vegans were slowly beginning to gear up for the peak hour evening commute.

With nut-milk lattes being distributed all-around, the protestors who are rich enough and white enough to be able to stand around protesting against meat consumption today had their grand plans ruined after someone brought up a yet to be a hit new podcast.

“It’s about a working class family whose kids disappear over night, and the guy has links to the famous underworld figures, and no one can figure out whether they killed them, or one of the big families did it and the parents are just so scared they can’t say anything,” said one excited protestor.

“And no one’s heard about it yet really?” asked another excited protestor sensing the excitement amongst the his white comrades who haven’t allowed or managed to find any other ethnicities to join their echo-chamber.

“Nope, not even been featured on any of the apps yet,” replied the original protestor.

With that admission, the excited wealthy and distinctly white group of protestors quickly pulled out their iPhone Xs’ and Xr’s and began meandering off back into the terrace houses from which they emerged.

It’s not yet known if the protests will re-commence tomorrow.


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