Dusty Martin’s top tier sledging of rival footballers has come under scrutiny this week, as fans and commentators say that they expected better for reason.

Fresh reports have suggested that the AFL will investigate an alleged drugs-related sledge during Richmond’s loss to GWS in Sydney on Saturday – as if anyone really cares.

After missing a kick at goal, Martin stuck up his middle finger at a rival, reported to be Giants ruckman Shane Mumford. He then made a gesture with his finger on his nose, which some suggest was a reference to Mumford’s scandal where a video emerged last year showing him snorting white powder.

Martin also appeared to say: “Have another f***ing line” – referencing the opposition’s notorious reputation as the Stratton Oakmont of the AFL.

One cotton-wool-wrapped AFL official says he’s heartbroken to learn that a bloke with neck tatts and a real Campbelltown mohawk would behave that way.

“This isn’t just an off comment about a coin toss” said Gillon McLachlan.

“Or the systemic booing of Indigenous footballers”

“This is a revolting example of the middle finger being used as a way of saying fuck you”

“And the icing on the cake is the flagrant reference to cocaine use”

“For Dusty to that, on live TV, it really undermines the checks and balances we have put in place to hide the rampant drug culture in the AFL behind a three strike rule”

“Now we look like common NRL players who acknowledge the existence of cocaine in AFL circles. It may have well been leaked to WhatsApp in a homoerotic sex tape”


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