Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan continues on his hot streak this week as the most universally loved member of the Australian political class.

According to May’s Newspoll, the WA state leader is the most popular leader in the country — earning approval from a staggering 89 per cent of the West Australian public.

When it comes to direct handling of the COVID-19 pandemic the number is even more astounding, with 94 per cent believing Mr McGowan has handled the crisis well.

Even with the hurdles faced by Western Australia with Clive Palmer taking the government to court in an effort to open the border so that he can continue raping and pillaging their majestic natural landscape in the pursuit of tax free mineral exports, McGowan has held strong as the preferred Premier by a Kalgoorlie Mile.

The announcement this week that the Hutt River province will now be ending their 50-year-war with Australia and re-joining WA has all but confirmed his capabilities as a war time leader.

The Principality of Hutt River was formed by farmer ‘Prince Leonard’ Casley and his wife Princess Shirley in 1970 after a stoush with the State Government over wheat production quotas.

Hutt River claimed to be an independent sovereign state and had existed for half a century, although the Australian Government never legally recognised its sovereign landlocked borders in central WA.

However, this week, the new prince of WA’s only micro-nation, the has announced it will close its doors until further notice – declaring a temporary peace treaty with Premier McGowan.

In an official media release, Prince Graeme Casley, said he made the decision “with a heavy heart” after consulting the principality’s cabinet.

Prince Graeme maintains the Hutt River Province will continue to remain a sovereign and independent state, with a government in place during the “hiatus” – although, will no longer be at war with the McGowan government.

“In this time we will assess the principality’s future direction,” he said.

McGowan is being widely praised by his Western Australian for successfully negotiating this peace treaty with the powerful Hutt Riverians, especially given his ability to do so without one bullet fired.

However, Hutt River residents claim they will not be acknowledging Scott Morrison as their Federal Leader, and will only rejoin Western Australia if the state continues its push for secession from the East.

They also have a multimillion dollar tax bill with the ATO that is very much recognised by the Australian government.



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