While plenty in Melbourne are sighing at another new rule governing their lives, a few hundred thousand dads are today trying to look on the bright side.

Daniel Andrews has announced a permit system for Greater Melbourne, requiring people to show papers from their workplaces to authorities when they’re out and about.

However, while plenty of residents are trying to get their head around the rule, the city’s dads have revealed that this new system is nothing new.

“Needing a permit to head out of the house? What’s changed ha ha ha” said one Moorabbin old man a short time ago.

“Welcome to my life,” he continued chuckling again.

“I’ve needed to get a permit to leave the house for the last twenty years,” he said pointing to his wedding ring.

“This is business as usual.”

His mate Robbo then confirmed the reality that dad’s around Melbourne have been facing for years.

“Yeah mate, I always have to get a permission slip to go down to the rubbery dub,” he chuckled as if he hasn’t made that joke upwards of 100 hundred times in the last calendar year.

“Just gotta answer to a different boss this time.”

The same general joke is now believed to be echoing around 500,000 other dad’s social and work circles as of this afternoon, in a bit of light relief to the Stage 4 lockdown that is enveloping the city.


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