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The Home Affairs Minister has criticised Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for being an out-of-touch, rich CEO today after the American all but switched off Australian news on his website.

That’s despite Peter Dutton being worth an estimated $300m for reasons nobody’s really sure about other than it’s got something to do with commercial real estate and his chain of daycare centres that receive Commonwealth funds.

“But that doesn’t make me out-of-touch,” said Dutton, who once again thought he was speaking to Betoota’s last NewsCorp masthead, The Betoota Bugle.

“I was once a policeman and policemans [sic] are people from traditionally working-class backgrounds from rough parts of the country, like Brisbane’s northern suburbs,”

“On top of that, I represent an electorate of Quiet Australians who have what they’ve worked for and won’t let no tieless Ben Chifley apologist take it way from them. I’m one of them, I have done well in business and now I’m taking those skills all the way to the top job, I mean my job.”

The Advocate reached out to Facebook for comment but was told we wouldn’t be getting one.

More to come.


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