Fans of the game they purportedly play in heaven are currently in a state of disbelief, after weeks of seeing Rugby Union being promoted.

It’s been confirmed that for the first time in probably a decade, people other than full-blown die-heard rugby fans are aware of when the Super Rugby season kicks off.

Which is tonight, as promoters of the new Super Rugby Au season have been telling people on bus shelters, billboards, social media, and tv ads for the last month or so.

“It’s been fucking confusing,” said Betoota Muttaburrasaurus’ Reserve Grade 10/15 turned hooker Josh Cairn.

“Normally I have to google this shit, find out who’s playing, when it’s on, how to watch it.”

“Last year I nearly missed the first game, and I’m usually sick for it.”

“But Stan has been pumping the shit out of it.”

“I’ve been seeing it in promos on Channel 9 alongside State of fucking Origin mate, it’s wild.”

Heading off to the pub to watch the doubleheader tonight, he said while he was shocked to see the game being promoted, he almost passed out when he heard there’s going to be nearly 20,000 at each game tonight.

“For John Eales sake, I’m not used to seeing these things,” said the big fella who’s not going to making it to the club’s Saturday morning session tomorrow.

“What a time to be alive.”

“Anyway, up the Reds, looking forward to watching the Tahs have another miserable year,” he said as he trundled off for the kickoff.


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