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A person largely unknown outsite of a niche social media platform climbed his Everest last night after appearing on ABC’s The Drum.

Betoota Heights man Roland Davis walks the streets of our town anonymous, until now. Online, he’s the host of a mildly-popular podcast that covers pop culture and news. Offline, he codes for Betootacone Valley’s Atlassian.

And that’s about it.

Last night on The Drum, he and the other panellists spoke about some things. Some more spirited than others.

For the first five or so minutes, Roland just sat there with his hands cupped in his lap. Nodding and smiling.

The host threw to him, he was ready.

Roland said some things, the others nodded. Two smiled.

Toward the end, they all shared a laugh. Then it was over. Roland was sitting in the back of a Silver Service Camry heading back to the hotel. He was halfway there before the buzz of being on tele wore off.

Our reporter spoke briefly to Roland about his appearance on national television last night. He said some things and probably smiled and nodded as he said them.

Then he said goodbye and hung up.

More to come.


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