A local law student has today put her hand up to help any ‘ordinary people’ wade through the murky waters of the current impeachment inquiry taking place in the US.

The young woman named Imogen Brailey said her law degree has her well placed to explain the meaning of the phrase to non-lawyers or as now calls them, ‘lay people.’

“Yep so basically quid pro quo in layman’s terms just means something for something,” explained the 20-year-old stay at home Ascot girl who seizes on any opportunity she can to sneak a Latin phrase into a sentence.

Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase used in English to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other; “a favour for a favour,” and has been thrown around quite a bit in the last few days regarding Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

“Like I know it’s really complicated and stuff but as an amicus curiae (friend of the court) it’s my duty to help break the law down ex parte the court,” explained the young woman applying for a clerkship at a prestigious local law firm called Mintie Mallesons.

Brailey, who refuses to let a day pass without telling someone that she’s ‘actually studying law’ said she’s happy to explain the principle to anyone, including friends of friends at the pub who really couldn’t give a fuck.

“As lawyers, we have a responsibility to society, and I take that seriously, even though I’m not billing in 6-minute increments yet.”


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