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Knock-off drinks took a wild turn for a group of construction workers as half-cut site manager Mike ‘Derry’ Derringer (54) whipped his false teeth out for a laugh.

Members of the group are alleged to have seen Derry pull this trick before but still managed genuine shock and laughter as he flicked his two front teeth in and out of place.

“Get’s em every bloody time,” stated Derringer through an incomplete smile.

According to Derringer, his signature ‘teeth-out’ gag is a great move to make when things are a bit tense due to actually having to boss someone around like he was forced to earlier today.

Witnesses report Derry then dropped his dentures into the bottom of his beer before downing it in one and snapping them backing into place hands-free.

Understanding the needs and emotions of his team members, Derry sensed that apprentice Henry Nichols (18) was somewhat disturbed by his toothy antics and made the quick decision to take them out again and ask Nichols if he could hold them for him while he got another round.

Unfortunately for Nichols and the other workers, Derry ended up getting drunk enough to tell them the story of how he lost his teeth in the first place.

“It’s so awkward,” stated a traumatised Nichols.

“The story involves his abusive father and we’ve already heard it before. Several times.”


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