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The technical team behind the disastrous Iowa Caucus count have apologised for their shortcomings and confirm that they used the same Packard Bell desktop computer that the Australian Government leased to run the 2016 census.

Census night was an unbridled fuck up, even by Australian standards and the technical problems facing the Iowa caucus night now aren’t far behind.

The caucus vote was done through a new secure app, which has reportedly worked flawlessly.

Like the census here, problems began to arise when all the data and information overloaded the Pentium III processor inside the Packard Bell.

Technicians have overclocked the processor and taken the side of the case off to keep the Pentium from vaporising.

It’s helping, according to Mel Deardon from the Iowa Caucus.

“We were warned not to use that computer from the Australian census but we didn’t have the budget to get the computer we needed,” he said.

“And we’ve paid the price.”

More to come.


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