As the world and nation come to terms with the rapid spread of the devastating Coronavirus, the Government is today under fire for a glaring error.

Desperately needing to get Australians out of the epicentre for the deadly virus in Wuhan, the Australian government has made the foolish mistake of showing the actual citizens of the country how shithouse Christmas Island is.

This comes following the well-publicised history of the Christmas Island Detention Centre holding asylum seekers for extended periods of time up until 2018.

While the government was able to get away with holding voiceless refugees in the notably shit conditions, it’s not known how they thought they would get away with housing Australian citizens in the small island centre that resembles a prison.

This comes as people quarantined on the remote island have voiced their concerns about the living conditions, including cockroaches, insects, dirty bed linen and unclean cots for babies.

“Don’t they realise that we are actual citizens who can speak freely to the media about what’s happening to us,” said one quarantined Australian tourist.

“We aren’t refugees, they can’t make us live like this?”

“Are they trying to score political points in some weird way?”

The government is yet to comment on the issue and has told The Advocate that now is not the time to talk about the issue.

More to come.


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