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A French Quarter man who doesn’t acknowledge Scott Morrison as his Prime Minister told our reporters this afternoon that he’s going to spend his tax savings this year on a new pair of Gucci slides.

But Oscar Lochie-Ollie (29) wished it didn’t have to come to this.

“I still feel a deep sense of real sadness over the election result,” said the ex-private school pupil.

“Fuck white Australia. Half of this country is obviously xenophobic, racist and homophobic. Fuck those people who put themselves before the greater good of the world. Fuck Queensland and fuck everyone who voted for Scott Morrison,”

“I don’t want tax savings but if I must have them, I’ll spend them on something I want!”

However, as the Coalition government’s promised tax cuts probably won’t come into effect until next year, our reporter told young Lochie-Ollie that he might have to wait until July 2020 to get his fancy new Japanese riding boots.

“I don’t fucking care, I’m still going to buy them.”

More to come.


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