As another run-of-the-mill week of politics chugs along, Jacqui Lambie has once again reminded the nation how woeful our federal government and its opposition are.

After impressing people by ripping anti-vaxxers yesterday, the outspoken Tasmanian Senator who runs her own show has returned to give the Prime Minister and his government another spray this morning.

Speaking in the senate today, Lambie tore shreds off the government for shutting down a debate about their ‘proposed Federal corruption commission,’ which will have the bite of an 11-year-old pug named Alfie.

“(The Coalition) have gone from one prime minister to another and this is the worst one on record,” Queen Jacqui said in the Senate today.

“He’s incompetent. He’s not a leader, and I’m enjoying watching him and you fall apart,” she said, before lighting up the blatant attempts to stop corruption from being examined.

Lambie’s strong words come as the latest example of her desire to try and make this country a better place, and follow on from passionate speeches about the commercialisation of education, veteran’s affairs, social security, mental health and plenty of other issues that these other career politicians don’t seem to be interested in tackling unless there are points involved.

In taking the issue head-on and urging anti-vaxxers to just get on with it, it’s believed she may have demonstrated more leadership on the issue than the entire stock of the Liberal, Labor, and National parties of Australia.

It’s hoped that the efforts of Queen Jacqui, can get at least of few of them to tackle things like our borders re-opening, the rising inequality within society, or our transition to a renewable energy future.

More to come.


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