While many are looking to the future with some hope that the worst of this spicy cough is behind us, international figure Bob Sinclar has concluded that he’s not so positive.

The French DJ responsible for the iconic 2005 hit ‘Love Generation’ has revealed in an exclusive interview with The Advocate that he has finally embraced the fact that we might not be feeling the love.

The man who shares a special connection with the Channel Country as a result of his cousin owning a French Quarter cafe explained that he previously thought that he had so much love in his heart that nobody could tear it apart.

However, with the frequent protests in Australia as well as plenty of incidents across the globe, Bob says he is concerned that we may not be the love generation like he promised all those years ago.

“I used to think just look to the rainbow, you will see the sun will shine ’til eternity,” explained Bob today.

“I didn’t realise at the time that was going to be a big kind of a problem for us,” he said.

“Particularly with governments dragging the chain on climate action so lobbyists and their friends in high places can cash in on the renewable energy sector.”

“It seems the sun is shining too bright,” he sighed.

“Everyone is polarised, disenfranchised, and disillusioned about their fellow beings.”

“Instead of listening to opportunist politicians and media organisations that know that selling divisive content drives traffic, people should just pop on the Love Generation.”

“Take a ride with the curly haired kid on the bike and feel the love generation”

“Please, before it’s too late”


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