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A torn slice of Bega cheese on a Jatz bickie is one of the most explosive flavour combinations to come out of Australia in the past decade. It’s become a staple in the diets of many a man, in particular, Toby Gallany (29), who has inadvertently had the dynamic duo for dinner since his girlfriend dumped him 5 years ago.

However, it appears Toby is still living in the past, having once again filled up on cheese and bickies, even though his new girlfriend had made him dinner.

“I don’t know what happened, we were both having a coupla cheese canapés then she went into the kitchen and when she came back it was all gone”

“I couldn’t stop”

“Obviously I lied and said I was still stinging for the 8hr slow cooked lamb she’d been slaving away at”

“But honestly, it was the last thing I felt like eating, it may as well have been cat food.”

The Advocate understands that this situation isn’t unique to Toby, with 60% of men in relationships Australia wide falling prey to this short-term fix mentality.

“It stems from the frontal lobe development” explains Dr. Fratelli, head of the CSIRO’s Soft and Hard Cheese division.

Dr. Fratelli has dedicated her entire career to investigating the effects cheese has on the adult male brain.

“It’s not pretty. People think the crack epidemic in America is bad, it’s just a blip in the radar compared to this.”


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