A newly-listed house in the Colorbond Belt of South Western Sydney is attracting attention for a very unusual feature; a ceiling space which contains hundreds of fully functional power outlets.

Unsurprisingly, Tracy Dodge from Last National Real Estate says the house represents good buying.

“It’s a super classy house; stencilled concrete driveway, Caesarstone benchtops, the whole lot. There’s 4 good-sized bedrooms, heavy-duty wiring throughout and very thick curtains.”

“It even features a backyard that is nearly big enough for a clothesline and a unique letterbox so the new owners will be able to tell which house is theirs,” enthused Tracy.

“The power outlets in the ceiling space are an interesting feature; I have had lots of people asking about them. The rest of the house seems to have a standard number of power outlets, so I’m not sure why they are there. Maybe the vendors just really like power outlets.”

“And fire protection; they have a really complex fire sprinkler system up there too. It’s a shame I can’t ask them; they had to leave in a hurry and I am actually having a bit of trouble contacting them.”

Tracy said the house, which has just been listed at $849,000 is attracting a lot of interest.

“This whole area, from the TAFE to the 7-Eleven, was an orchard until 1945 so I’ve had a lot of enquiries from young people in the horticultural industry. Campbelltown Police Station is just on the other side of the railway line, so I’ve also had a lot of interest from law enforcement. One gentleman is so keen he has been parked in his car over there for a couple of days now”.

Unfortunately none of the prospective purchasers were available for comment.


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