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Children’s healthy living advocate Healthy Harold has announced that he’s prepared to test illicit drugs on himself instead of letting the kids of Australia, that he loves and adores, test them on themselves.

The polite giraffe reached 300,000 Australian children in 2014 by visiting schools and giving lectures about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and unhealthy eating.

And now, he says, he’s putting his hoof where his mouth is.

Our reporter spoke to Harold a short time ago via Skype.

“Over the years, I’ve visited kids all over the country and told them about the importance of keeping healthy, active and away from drugs,” he said.

“But it seems many of them haven’t taken notice. Many young people still take drugs and drink to the point that they might as well be under general anaesthetic,”

“So I have agreed to test pills at festivals. I have agree to do this because I love all of you, except for Simon Birmingham. Fuck you, Simon. Cut my funding again and I’ll flip the fuck out. Anyway guys, I wish you all a safe and happy New Year. Come see me at the Healthy Harold tent at your next festival!”

More to come.


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