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As festival promoters abandon New South Boomerstan in droves, one hardstyle music festival has been greenlit for Sydney after the promoters agreed to a controversial new measure.

The Munt By Muntwest Festival was originally denied a permit to operate in New South Boomerstan after the Government down there was concerned that people would take drugs at it.

However, after some eleventh hour negotiations the festival was saved after a raft of new measures put to promoters by the State Government were agreed to.

One of them being the introduction of a controversial new ‘pokie tent’ whereby 200 state-owned electric poker machines will be installed close to the main stage of the event.

Speaking to the media this morning in Sydney, Premier Gladys Berejiklian said that this is the correct and sensible way to do business in New South “Wales” – like grown ups.

“You give a little, you take a little,” said the Premier.

“I’m glad these promoters were able to come round in the end. This is clear evidence that the state is not closed for business. That the Keep Sydney Open people aren’t just gunning for a cushy job in Parliament were they won’t do a fucking thing except take a huge cheque and tweet about themselves,”

“To the people going to Munt by Munt West, please look after yourselves and look out for your friends! Also, don’t miss out on Brennan Heart’s set. He’s a fucking wizard.”

More to come.


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